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Race specific personalized plans


After 16 years of triathlon racing as a professional triathlete, Nina is excited to share her experience and knowledge with you to help you achieve your goals. Over the course of her career, She have won 10 Ironman titles and accumulated numerous other wins at Ironman 70.3, Olympic-distance races and marathon events.



▪      fully personalized weekly training program
▪      race tapering & recovery
▪      race planning & strategy

▪      personal training together every second week for 3 h

Triathlon coaching  ~  $300 per month (4 months minimum)
Marathon coaching ~  $195 month (2 months minimum)         

▪      fully personalized weekly training program
▪      2 emails per week

Triathlon coaching  ~  $200 per month (4 months minimum)
Marathon coaching ~  $150 month (2 months minimum)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
Happy Training!

                                                     Nina Kraft

Nina will design unique and specialized "one-off" plans for your racing needs.  These plans are not a cookie cutter plan that is the same for all similar distance races rather it is specialized.  Nina's specific plan will include goals, target paces, specific work outs and  strength excercise geared toward your upcoming race course and unique challenges.  All plans take in to account your level of commitment, hours available to train and other specific variables that may be unique to yourself (i.e., injuries, location, travel plans, limitations).

Individual Plans Available For:


Sprint ~ $150 (2 month plan)

Olympic $200 (3 month plan)

70.3 ~ $300 (4 month plan)

140.6 ~ $400 (5 month plan)


Half Marathon~ $200 (3 month plan)

Full Marathon ~ $300 (5 month plan)

A training plan is a great way to learn if Coach Nina's approach is best for you.  As an added benifit, the full price of your initial training plan will be deducted from the first payment of any future coaching services.