Personalized coaching and or custom designed plans plans.

As a Coach, Nina brings to her athletes the experiences, lessons and purposeful training plans and methods from here successful competitive career.

Nina's personality is exciting, dynamic and very direct.  She interacts with her athletes with honesty and purposeful directive.  As successful as Nina has been, so has been the athletes that she accepts to coach.  Her plans and programs are not designed to just keep you busy but rather to help you achieve you personal goals. 

Athlete & Coach

Nina was a competitive swimmer until the age of 16. Two years later, in 1984, she started running and won several local events. She then discovered her passion for triathlon, competing as an age grouper for two years, before turning pro in 1999. From the beginning of her professional career, Nina’s focus was on the longer distance. In the past 16 years Nina has earned 10x Ironman World Championships as well as Challenge Roth and the Danish Long-Distance Championships.  Nina has 3 podium finishes at Ironman World Championships in Kona . Nina has always pushed herself and the limits of human potential

As the newly crowned Champion of the 2014 Ironman Louisville, she further made history and became the oldest athlete to win an Ironman, at age 46. 

Nina’s energy and positive attitude is as infectious as her desire to win.  Nina loves to train hard and is committed to competing at the highest level. Her journey as a professional athlete is unique, purposeful and stronger than ever.  As a household name in the industry, Nina Kraft is inspiring athletes all around the world.. 

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